ONA18 features some of the brightest minds in digital journalism. Here you’ll find all the resources available from the conference. It may take up to two weeks after the conference for all content to be posted.


Select transcriptions available from Trint

Text transcriptions from several livestreamed sessions are available. See them here. And learn more about Trint.

Audience engagement + growth + analytics

Session Video Blog Audio Docs
Advise, Explain, Engage: Grow Membership and Build Loyalty with a Successful Column
Beyond Audiograms: Audience Engagement in Podcasting
Beyond Facebook: How to Survive and Thrive After Newsfeed Changes
[FEATURED] Global State of Reader Engagement
How’s My Story Doing? Custom Analytics and Empowered Local Newsrooms
Journalism’s Poverty Problem
Meet Me IRL
Membership Has Its Benefits
Early-Career Tips From Our MJ Bear Fellows
Is My Zig-Zag Showing? Making the Most of Non-Linear Career Paths
How to Please Every Platform and Make Video Distribution Work
The State of Design and Tech in Texas
Table Stakes: Getting into the Game of Digital-First Local News
Table Talks: Reporting Tools and Techniques
[Unconference] How to Fight Back When Facebook and Google Beat You on Your Home Turf
[Unconference] SEO for News: Fundamentals and the Future

Business models + entrepreneurship

Session Video Blog Audio Docs
Blockchain to Power Journalism
[FEATURED] Expert Investigative Journalism Advice with John Carreyrou
The City As The City Desk
Email as a Driver of Innovation and Loyalty (Yes, Email)
[RSVP] How to Innovate (and Make Money Doing It)
[FEATURED] Media Manipulation, Amplification and Responsibility
Pivot to Union
Tips for Sharing When You Get Home

Mission + ethics + culture + career

Session Video Blog Audio Docs
Ten Secrets of Fast Writing and Powerful Storytelling
360 Video as a Reporting Tool: How and When to Break News with Immersive Video
Building Better Tools to Understand Voters and Their Choices
Lessons from Black Twitter: Inclusive Reporting in Diverse Communities
Digital Journalism Insights: Lightning Talks from ONA Board Candidates and VIP Meetup
Educators’ Meetup
The Fear of AI: When Humans and Robots Just Don’t Get Along
The Male Allies Toolkit
[MIDWAY] Deep Dive into Data: Find It, Verify It, Visualize It
[MIDWAY] Deep Dive into Audience Engagement: New Tools, Personalization, Audio, and More
(Re)writing Broadcast Scripts for Web
Table Talks: Audience Engagement, Growth and Analytics
[RSVP] WSJ Breakfast: Designing for Capabilities

Product design + development

Session Video Blog Audio Docs
[RSVP] Mapping Beyond Excel with ArcGIS Maps
[FEATURED] A Seat at the Table
Building Your Freelancer Brand: Pitch Editors, Tell Stories, Get Paid
Drones: Innovative Storytelling Tools
[MIDWAY] ICFJ Presents: Steal My Tool
[MIDWAY] Rethinking Ads: Build Trust and Stop Pissing Off Your Readers
Multilingual Journalism With a Small Staff and Almost No Money
Online Journalism Awards Ceremony + Banquet
Pitch Showcase: Let’s Hear Your Wildest Product Idea for Journalism
Reddit: Bringing the Front Page of the Internet Into Your Newsroom
Are You Running an Experiment, or Just Winging It?
Subscriptions, Metrics and the Newsroom: How Journalists are Getting Involved
Table Talks: Business Models and Entrepreneurship
[Unconference] WANTED: Journalists Ready to Actively Earn Audience Trust

Reporting tools + techniques

Session Video Blog Audio Docs
[FEATURED] 11th Annual Tech Trends For Journalists
Alerts, Apps and Algorithms: Loyalty in a Mobile-First World
Augmented Reality is Your Next Immersive Content Experiment
Building Sources and Trust in Hard-to-Reach Communities
How to Innovate As a Journalism Educator
Breaking Records and Answering Questions: Nordic Local Election Coverage
Existential Disruption 2.0: Enemies of the People
Setting the Record Straight by Going Wayback
Internetting While Brown/Black AND a Woman: A Collective Guide
[RSVP] J-School Supplemental: Budget Basics
[RSVP] J-School Supplemental: Product Management
J-School Supplemental: Statistics and Research Methods
Real News Job Market: Who, What, When, Where
Trust, Media and Democracy [Sponsored]
[MIDWAY] Why It’s Critical for Your Business and Editorial Sides to Collaborate — and How to Do It Ethically and Effectively
Notes from the Journalism Diaspora
OMGWTFBBQ Breaking News without Breaking Your Team
Table Talks: Mission, Ethics, Culture and Career
[RSVP] Vicarious Trauma Response Planning