[MIDWAY] ICFJ Presents: Steal My Tool

  • Thursday – 3:30 PM – 4:30 PM
  • 301+302
  • #ONA18MW

Looking to "steal" someone else’s digital journalism tool?

After a packed room at last year’s ONA conference, the International Center for Journalists (ICFJ) is bringing “Steal My Tool” back to ONA18. We’ll have 5-minute lightning talks from leaders in news innovation showcasing the latest digital journalism tools and projects. Our hope is that you will see something that you can adopt back in your newsroom, inspires you to do something similar and sparks possible collaboration with the people behind the tools.

We’ll have a reception immediately following “Steal My Tool,” from 4:30 to 5:30 pm in the same room. Attendees will enjoy free appetizers, drinks, and a chance to interact with our speakers and get a closer look at the tools through demos. (RSVPs closed 48 hours in advance.)


  • Oren Levine | Director of Innovation | ICFJ | @olevine
  • Oren is responsible for technology strategy and projects supporting the work of ICFJ staff, fellows, and program participants. He joined ICFJ in 2016, once he saw the opportunity to apply his product and technology experience to support the ever-expanding capabilities of journalists worldwide. Oren has a background in web and mobile technology, managing educational media products at PBS and promoting mobile app development at Nokia. He also worked as a software developer, working on virtual reality and machine translation projects. He earned his master’s degree in Computer Systems Engineering from Northeastern University and a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from MIT.


    • Nasr ul Hadi | ICFJ Knight Fellow, India | ICFJ | @nasrhadi
    • Nasr ul Hadi co-leads the International Center for Journalists' (ICFJ) Knight Fellows in India — a team of consultants driving innovation experiments across print, broadcast and digital newsrooms. He regularly speaks on digital-led innovation at leading industry conferences worldwide.

    • Pedro Burgos | ICFJ Knight Fellow, Brazil | ICFJ | @burgos
    • ICFJ Knight Fellow Pedro Burgos founded Impacto, a project backed by the Google News Initiative that helps newsrooms and journalists better track, understand and demonstrate the impact of their reporting on communities and society. He developed fátimabot, which monitors tweets with links to false or distorted news and information and responds directly to the poster with info about fact checking of the false info. This "guerrilla check" strategy takes on the proliferation of disinformation by appropriating its technological tools.

    • Rachel Glickhouse | Partner Manager, Documenting Hate — ProPublica | ProPublica | @Riogringa
    • Rachel Glickhouse is a journalist and the partner manager for ProPublica’s Documenting Hate project. She previously worked at Univision, Medium and Americas Society/Council of the Americas and has written for Al Jazeera America, Quartz and GlobalPost. She teaches engagement journalism at The New School, and she has a master’s degree from the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism.

    • An Xiao Mina | Director of Product | Meedan | @anxiaostudio
    • An Xiao Mina is a technologist, writer and artist. She leads the product team at Meedan, where they are building Check, a platform for collaboratively verifying news in real time, and Bridge, a platform for translating social media and messaging app content. Meedan’s products support work for clients like ProPublica, First Draft News, Amnesty International, WITNESS, the University of Hong Kong and others, and Check played a key role in Electionland, a 600-person project that covered access to the ballot and problems that prevent people from exercising their right to vote during the 2016 US election. At Harvard University, Mina is a 2017 Fellow at the Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society and a recent 2016 Knight Visiting Fellow at the Nieman Foundation for Journalism, where she studied online language barriers and their impact on journalism. Passionate about issues of global justice, technology and creative expression, she has spoken at venues like Creative Mornings, Harvard Law School, the Personal Democracy Forum, UC Berkeley, ACM SIGCHI, and the Aspen Institute, and she has contributed writing to publications like the Los Angeles Review of Books, the Atlantic, Nieman Journalism Lab and Fusion.

    • Heather Bryant | Founder, Director | Project Facet | @HBCompass
    • Heather is the founder of Project Facet, an open source software platform that helps newsrooms manage the collaborative editorial process. As a journalist and software developer she is focused on the intersection between journalism and technology and class. In 2016, she was a JSK Journalism Fellow at Stanford where she explored collaborative journalism. She also researches and writes about the intersection of journalism and poverty.

    • Emily Boardman Ndulue | Researcher and Community Manager | Media Cloud | @ebndulue
    • Emily Boardman Ndulue is a Researcher and Community Manager with the Media Cloud project, in the Civic Media group of the MIT Media Lab. Media Cloud is an open-source news analysis platform developed by MIT and Harvard that allows you to explore the attention, influence, and framing of issues in the media. She works with journalists, non-profits, activists and foundations on mapping media representation and on designing interventions based on Media Cloud's insights. She also conducts independent research on the media's portrayals of public health issues and of race and ethnicity, particularly the rhetoric of whiteness.

    • Daniela Gerson | Assistant Professor | California State University, Northridge | @dhgerson
    • Daniela is an assistant professor of journalism at California State University, Northridge and the West Coast Director of the Center for Community and Ethnic Media at the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at City University of New York. She is also the founding editor of the immigration newsletter Migratory Notes.

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