[MIDWAY] Rethinking Ads: Build Trust and Stop Pissing Off Your Readers

Publications have a love-hate relationship with ads. On the one hand, they bring in money. On the other hand, they can be intrusive to and distracting for the reader experience. With more and more readers turning to ad blockers and sometimes avoiding certain sites because of their ads, what can be done? This panel features innovators in the ad space who will talk about new ways to continue using ads without losing readers or their trust.

This session is designed for:

  • Any publication that uses ads on their site, or wants to have ads but doesn’t want to lose readers.
  • Publishers concerned about how ads are invading their readers’ privacy.
  • Anyone interested in the blockchain space and how to monetize within it.


Tom Cheredar - Co-Founder, Media ATX
@TChed |

Hena Elahi - Client Success & Ad Operations Manager, Blockthrough
| https://blockthrough.com/


Brittany Grant - General Editor, Strategic Analytics, ESPN's The Undefeated
@BrittaLeeG |

Session Audio