How to Please Every Platform and Make Video Distribution Work

Balancing servicing your own platform against the massive global audiences promised by Facebook Watch, Snapchat, Apple News, YouTube, Twitter, et. al., is the fundamental challenge of video distribution, with views, subscriptions and other metrics only illuminating part of the solution.

This session is designed for:

  • Newsrooms looking for insight into what platforms work best for what purposes
  • Video producers interested in making the most of limited resources
  • Anyone who wants to understand the on- and off-platform video distribution split
  • Speakers

    Ashley Codianni - Executive Producer of Social and Emerging Media for CNN Worldwide, CNN
    @ashleycodianni |

    Andrew Springer - Executive Producer, NBC News
    @springer |

    Nadine Ajaka - Senior Producer, Video Platforms, The Washington Post
    @nadineajaka |

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