[MIDWAY] Why It’s Critical for Your Business and Editorial Sides to Collaborate — and How to Do It Ethically and Effectively

Whether you come from a big, well-resourced newsroom or are operating on a shoestring budget, it should be a priority for the business and editorial sides of your outlet to find ways to collaborate. Both sides have the same goal: ensuring a great product that’s meaningful to the audience. Findings are showing that newsrooms that silo the two sides have a significantly harder time creating earned revenue than those cooperating. Join us for a discussion that dives into models and best practices of collaboration that also addresses how to avoid the challenges that may come about.

This session is designed for:

  • Journalists skeptical of how to work with with the business side of their newsroom without compromising their ethics
  • Publishers wanting guidance and ideas for collaboration and also have concerns about pushback and/or resources needed to be successful
  • Business folks looking to more effectively collaborate and drive results


Janine Warner - ICFJ Knight Fellow and Executive Director, SembraMedia
@janinewarner | https://www.sembramedia.org/

Amanda Barrett - Nerve Center Director, The Associated Press
@AmandaB1201 |

Austin Smith - CEO, Alley Interactive
@netaustin | https://alley.co

Anna Nirmala - Director of Business Development, Hearken
@annala1019 | https://www.wearehearken.com/


Celeste LeCompte - VP, Business Development, ProPublica
celrae | http://propublica.com

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