[Unconference] SEO for News: Fundamentals and the Future

  • Saturday, Sep 15 – 2:30 PM – 3:30 PM
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  • #ONAuncon

SEO for news: Fundamentals and the Future
How will people search online for news in the future? What will be the future of SEO for  news publishers? We explore 4 ideas and ask the room their thoughts:

  • How publishers should deal with search engines pulling the answers out of their content straight onto the SERP, so users don’t have to click;
  • As voice search share increases, what should news publishers watch out for;
  • Who should be the gatekeepers of news in search engines (including fake news);
  • How searches will become even more contextual.

If you’re curious about news SEO and how to increase Google as a referrer in your newsroom, stop by to get past the jargon and learn how you can aim your stories toward search.

Speakers: Tobias Fellner-Jost, Chelsey Heath
Tobias Fellner-Jost is the founder of the Trisolute News Dashboard and has extensive experience in news SEO; Chelsey Heath is the News Dashboard’s news SEO strategist and honed her skills in a digital newsroom.

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