Breaking Records and Answering Questions: Nordic Local Election Coverage

Few news sites’ best-ever traffic day was a local election, but for one Danish publisher, hyperlocal, highly-personalized mobile applications helped hook readers like never before, breaking traffic records in the process. In this rapid-fire session, journalists from across the Norden share how to provide exactly what your audience needs, right when they need it.

This session is designed for:

  • Newsrooms looking to cover local elections with the energy and resources they deserve
  • Journalists covering low-visibility, high-impact public office races
  • Anyone interested in robust participatory democracy and the free press that supports it
  • Speakers

    Magnus Bjerg
    Knight Science Journalism Fellow, Knight Science Journalism @ Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    @magnusbjergVisit Website

    Fredrik Laurin
    Editor Special Projects, Swedish Television SVT
    @fredriklaurinVisit Website

    Teemo Tebest
    Data Journalist, Yleisradio
    @teelmoVisit Website


    Sarita Blomqvist
    Producer, Yleisradio (YLE)
    @SariblomVisit Website

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