Is My Zig-Zag Showing? Making the Most of Non-Linear Career Paths

Between constant and destabilizing industry shifts and a decidedly idiosyncratic workforce, journalism is full of “zig-zagging” professionals who have, intentionally or otherwise, done a bit of everything and need to be able to explain why they are greater than the sum of their parts.
This session is designed for:

  • Zig-zaggers of all varieties looking to put their best feet forward
  • Hiring authorities who are interested in hiring for varied, dynamic skills and abilities
  • Newsrooms that want to leverage unique backgrounds and knowledge sets
  • Speakers

    Sara Catania
    Director, Journalism School Partnerships, Solutions Journalism Network, Digital Journalism Faculty, USC Annenberg
    CatanifyVisit Website

    Tracie Powell
    Senior Fellow, Democracy Fund
    @TMPowellVisit Website

    Kim Bui
    Freelance, Freelance
    @kimbuiVisit Website

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