[RSVP] J-School Supplemental: Product Management

Regardless of where you went to school and when, we all have gaps in our formal education. In a fast-changing digital media world, those blind spots can be real disservice. This innovative, new-for-ONA18 series supplements what you did learn and fills in the blanks on what you didn’t.

This session will provide an overview of programming concepts and digital and product terminology, introducing attendees to product management as part of the broader digital culture.

Please note: this session has limited capacity and requires an RSVP to attend.

RSVPs closed 48 hours in advance.

A full-conference ONA18 badge is required for entry.

This session is designed for:

  • Journalists who need to understand the digital tools that are transforming their workplaces
  • Newsrooms seeking to integrate technology-based roles into their organization
  • Anyone who sees digital product management as central, rather than peripheral, to news
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    Cindy Royal - Professor, Texas State University
    @cindyroyal | http://cindyroyal.com

    Becca Aaronson Davis - Director of Product, Chalkbeat
    @becca_aa | https://chalkbeat.org/

    Session Audio