[RSVP] J-School Supplemental: Budget Basics

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Regardless of where you went to school and when, we all have gaps in our formal education. In a fast-changing digital media world, those blind spots can be real disservice. This innovative, new-for-ONA18 series supplements what you did learn and fills in the blanks on what you didn’t.

This session will provide an overview of municipal budgets, business filings and other commonly misreported budgetary elements, providing attendees with the foundation they need to report accurately and authoritatively on budgets.

Please note: this session has limited capacity and requires an RSVP to attend.

RSVPs closed 48 hours in advance.

A full-conference ONA18 badge is required for entry.

This session is designed for:

  • Journalists who have ever dug up a business filing they can’t read let alone understand
  • Newsrooms that need reporters able to interpret and explain a city budget
  • Anyone interested in grasping obscure, secret or otherwise challenging official document
  • Speaker

    Harry Backlund
    Director of Operations, City Bureau
    @hdbacklundVisit Website