Notes from the Journalism Diaspora

Layoffs, buyouts, reorgs and other factors in the volatile news industry have seeded an ecosystem of news startups, podcasts, documentary films and late night comedy shows with journalism talent looking to put down roots. The journalism diaspora have become researchers, producers, writers, curators and CEOs. We’ll learn about alternate career paths and their intersection with journalism.

This session is designed for:

  • Anyone seeking to understand the state of play within journalism and related fields
  • Journalists interested in developing skills that are useful within and outside of news media
  • Executives who need to develop and retain newsroom talent in an unforgiving climate
  • Speakers

    Justin Ellis
    Researcher, Wyatt Cenac's Problem Areas
    @justinnxtVisit Website

    Claire Gordon
    Showrunner of "Explained", Vox
    clairedonVisit Website

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