Table Talks: Mission, Ethics, Culture and Career

Consistently ranked among the best experiences of our conference, this series of participatory, inspiring conversations will address challenging topics in your area of expertise. Participants are able to choose their own conversations and collaborate with the brightest minds in their fields to explore new ideas on common issues.

Head to the room that has the topics that interest you most, sit anywhere and our trained facilitators will you give you (very brief!) instructions on how Table Talks will work.

Please note: there are many more topics to come, so stay tuned!

You'll have the option to join two of the following conversations throughout the morning:

  • Navigating and maximizing mid-career journalism fellowships - Aparna Mukherjee
  • Navigating stress management in digital media and journalism - Corvaya Jeffries
  • Journalist and newsroom safety, including online harassment and social media hygiene - Courtney Radsch
  • Staying motivated. Staying healthy. Staying Human. - David Cohn
  • How can we better support journalists in low-salary positions to access training, networking and other resources they need to support their work, advancement or entrepreneurial ambitions. - Heather Bryant
  • How can designers, developers or data journalists help get more traditionally minded colleagues excited about new possibilities? - Justin Myers
  • Training for journalists, work/life balance - Kari Cobham
  • do I explain my resume again (Job hunting for digital nomads) - Kim Bui
  • How to keep your zen amidst workplace politics - Kristen Lepore
  • Humane, creative, flexible, effective performance management - Matthew Thompson
  • Mentoring young journalists is about more than just giving reporting tips. - Megha Satyanarayana
  • Building and managing a fruitful, streamlined internship program...even in a small newsroom - Michelle Billman
  • If you have "strategy" in your job description, let's talk about what that means - Nadine Ajaka
  • How to make intranewsroom communication more effective - Rachel Glickhouse
  • Professional development in the newsroom: how do you help people learn new skills when everyone is too damn busy? - Rodney Gibbs
  • Let's talk about managing effectively while facing imposter syndrome! - Stephanie Yiu

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Aparna Mukherjee - FUSE Fellow, FUSE Corps, City of Los Angeles
@aparnamuk |

Corvaya Jeffries - Associate Producer, CNN
@corvayajeffries |

Courtney Radsch - Advocacy Director, Committee to Protect Journalists
@courtneyr |

David Cohn - Senior Director - Alpha Group, Advance Digital
@digidave |

Justin Myers - Data Journalist, The Associated Press
@myersjustinc |

Kari Cobham - Senior Manager of Digital Content, Cox Media Group
@KariWrites |

Kim Bui - Freelance, Freelance
@kimbui |

Kristen Lepore - Manager, KCRW's Independent Producer Project, KCRW
@kristenlepore |

Matthew Thompson - Executive Editor, The Atlantic
@mthomps |

Megha Satyanarayana - Senior Editor, Chemical & Engineering News
@meghas |

Nadine Ajaka - Senior Producer, Video Platforms, The Washington Post
@nadineajaka |

Rachel Glickhouse - Partner Manager, Documenting Hate, ProPublica
@riogringa |

Rodney Gibbs - Chief Product Officer, Texas Tribune
rgibbs |

Steph Yiu - VIP, Automattic
@crushgear |


A. Adam Glenn - Distinguished Lecturer, Hunter College, City University of New York
@aadamglenn |

Samantha Ragland - Manager, Digital Storytelling, The Palm Beach Post
@sammyragland |