Tips for Sharing When You Get Home

  • Saturday, Sep 15 – 2:30 PM – 3:30 PM
  • 203+204
  • #ONA18Onward

You made it! It’s the final session block of the conference! Three jam-packed days will leave you bursting with great ideas, but sometimes the reality of Monday morning means those best laid plans go awry. In this session, we’ll have expert facilitators walking you through a worksheet to strategize putting those great ideas into action without taking on too much at once or letting it all slide away. We’ll cover:

  • Setting short-term goals
  • Identifying potential blockers for medium-term goals
  • Getting feedback from your newsrooms stakeholders’ on big initiatives
  • Basic tips for getting approval for innovative ideas
  • Speakers

    Andrew Losowsky
    Project Lead, The Coral Project
    @coralprojectVisit Website

    Corvaya Jeffries
    Associate Producer, CNN

    Session Audio