[MIDWAY] Deep Dive into Audience Engagement: New Tools, Personalization, Audio, and More

There are so many types of tech tools and strategies out there that can help publishers and content creators build a greater and more loyal audience. You can choose to develop your own or use something that already exists, but the important thing is for newsrooms to experiment and find ways of improving how they are engaging their existing and potential audience. The right time to build, find, and start using those tools and strategies was yesterday. Don’t fall further behind! Join us for a deep dive into audience engagement that includes small group discussions about new ways to empower your audience, personalize content to your readers and use audio to develop meaningful, loyal relationships.

This session is designed for:

  • Newsrooms feeling like their audience engagement tactics stop at a general newsletter or pushing content via social media
  • Folks looking for inspiration through new strategies and tools to create a loyal audience
  • Smaller budget outlets who are worried audience engagement means you need to spend a lot of money


Hersh Patel - Founder and CEO, Hindsight
@hershpatel91 |

Adam Shapiro - Co-Founder, AlertMe
@adamjshapiro |

Amelia Chen - Director of Media Partnerships, Public Good
@ameliachen88 |

Jeff Kofman - CEO and Founder, Trint
@JeffreyKofman |

Julia Haslanger - Engagement Consultant Team Lead, Hearken
@JuliaJRH | http://wearehearken.com/

Adwoa Boakye - Founder, RecRoom
@addboa |


Penny Riordan - Director of Digital Audience Engagement, Gatehouse Media
@PennyRiordan1 |

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