Curry in a hurry: My love for Indian food and the future of news

My love for Indian food — and the way it’s adapted to changes forced on it — has taught me several important lessons about the news and where it’s headed. Indian food is my comfort food and a major part of my Indian-American identity. Much like journalism has evolved, my family’s Indian food has evolved […]

WeathAR: Immersing users in weather & climate forecast data to improve planning, action, and data comprehension

Meteorologist-journalist launching new (clickable prototype) app, having combined tools from ONA/Journalism360 and the weather enterprise community Our world–its weather and its climate–by nature, is 3D. Today, we use 2-dimensional maps and charts to display data. An immersive experience solves many gaps for a user of weather and climate information. Bring data to life and immerse […]

Local Journalists: from small town reporters to community gatekeepers

I’m CEO of GetVokl and leveraging the power of face-to-face conversation for deeper and more civil audience engagement. Local journalists have more insights into and are more connected with their communities than Google and Facebook together. Yet, limited by resources and dated websites, they are increasingly losing the battle with digital/social media giants over the […]

We have to be the fluent, flawless experts.

Loves breaking news online, loves teaching journalists how it’s better. Our customers will expect us: • to really be fluent online, with sophisticated storytelling, presentation, language and use of “hyperlinks.” • to know what they know, and not sound like we are just discovering something they already know well. (.e. what the heck is this […]

Now’s the Time: A 365,000-Day Gun Violence Plan

Akoto Ofori-Attah is a senior editor at the Trace. Sara Catania is director of j-school partnerships at the Solutions Journalism Network There are city blocks in this country that have rates of guns violence that would shock us as reporters, even as reporters covering gun violence. What’s missing is a deep, ongoing connection and commitment […]

Is voice search the future of finding news via search engines like Google?

Chelsey Heath is the news SEO strategist for the Trisolute News Dashboard, a Google visibility tool just for news publishers, with a digital news background. How will the increase in voice search affect online news publishers in the next 10 years, as they work on their search engine strategy and work to increase their search […]

All the news that’s fit for tomorrow’s audience

Award-winning digital journalism pioneer, author and media scholar Do you know that a third of your audience catches up with the news when they go to the washroom? The ways and places for news are constantly shifting and changing. Newsrooms face an imperative to rethink what, when, where and why are doing things the way […]

What can nutrition education teach us about information quality online?

An Xiao Mina is co-founder of the Credibility Coalition and co-chair of the W3C Credible Web Community Group, where they are building web-wide standards for content credibility through rigorous research. Is quality information like quality nutrition? Can we map the building blocks of useful information online without furthering censorship? Is building a nutrition label for […]

Data is your friend, get undaunted

Use data as an aid to journalism, to inform pieces, suggest topics, distribute effectively and build loyalty. 1. set triggers to notify of statistically significant changes: eg. 19% increase in incidents involving taxis and baby strollers 2. create rapid prototypes to see interesting trends, outliers, patterns, use tools such as google data studio and tableau […]

Turning curious toddlers into teenage news consumers

We failed millennials. We don’t have to make the same mistakes again. My nieces are three and four. They don’t know about Google yet, so they ask me a lot of questions. In 10 years, they will be our audience, and I want news organizations to be ready to foster their curiosity. How can media […]