Table Talks: Product Design and Development

Consistently ranked among the best experiences of our conference, this series of participatory, inspiring conversations will address challenging topics in your area of expertise. Participants are able to choose their own conversations and collaborate with the brightest minds in their fields to explore new ideas on common issues.

Head to the room that has the topics that interest you most, sit anywhere and our trained facilitators will you give you (very brief!) instructions on how Table Talks will work.

Please note: there are many more topics to come, so stay tuned!

You'll have the option to join two of the following conversations throughout the morning:

  • Managing a cross-functional team: Tips and tools for building trust & empathy between reporters, developers and designers - Becca Aaronson Davis
  • The possibilities, threats, and ethics of AI in the newsroom. - Dan Ratner
  • How to build simple prototypes for testing the viability of software tools - Josh Hart
  • Emerging platforms: How to decide which are worth your time, which could be the next Peach - Meena Thiruvengadam
  • How to prototype demand for a content type, before moving it up the funnel - Nasr ul Hadi
  • Artificial Intelligence in the newsroom - Quin Murray
  • Telling more compelling stories and deepening audience engagement through maps - Robby Deming
  • How might we incorporate emerging technologies into our newsrooms or classrooms, with limited resources? - Robert Hernandez
  • How to integrate 360 video as a part of your organization's digital report. - Veda Shastri
  • How can blockchain help journalism? - Vivian Schiller

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Becca Aaronson Davis - Director of Product, Chalkbeat
@becca_aa |

Josh Hart - Product Manager, The Seattle Times

Nasr ul Hadi - Knight Fellow — India, Int'l Center for Journalists, PROTO
@nasrhadi |

Quin Murray - Cofounder & CPO, Krzana
@KrzanaLtd |

Robby Deming - Media Strategy Manager, Esri
@RobbyDeming |

Robert Hernandez - Assistant Professor of Professional Practice,, USC Annenberg School of Journlism
@webjournalist |

Veda Shastri - Producer, Immersive Storytelling, The New York Times
@vedashastri |

Vivian Schiller - CEO, Civil Foundation
@vivian |


Fergus Bell - Journalist & Consultant, Dig Deeper Media & Pop-Up Newsroom
@fergb |