Table Talks: Product Design and Development

  • Friday – 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
  • <li class="room">JW Grand Ballroom 8</li>
  • #ONA18TableTalks

Consistently ranked among the best experiences of our conference, this series of participatory, inspiring conversations will address challenging topics in your area of expertise. Participants are able to choose their own conversations and collaborate with the brightest minds in their fields to explore new ideas on common issues.

Head to the room that has the topics that interest you most, sit anywhere and our trained facilitators will you give you (very brief!) instructions on how Table Talks will work.

Please note: there are many more topics to come, so stay tuned!

You'll have the option to join two of the following conversations throughout the morning:

  • The possibilities, threats and ethics of AI in the newsroom - Dan Ratner
  • The challenge of introducing agile ways of working into newsrooms - Judy King
  • Turning social metrics into actionable strategy - Sarah Whitmire
  • Innovative approaches to serving news deserts and how to fund them - Eve Pearlman
  • Let's talk about managing effectively while facing imposter syndrome! - Stephanie Yiu
  • Telling more compelling stories and deepening audience engagement through maps - Robby Deming
  • Managing a cross-functional team: Tips and tools for building trust & empathy between reporters, developers and designers - Becca Aaronson Davis
  • Emerging platforms: How to decide which are worth your time, which could be the next Peach - Meena Thiruvengadam
  • How can blockchain help journalism? - Vivian Schiller
  • Artificial Intelligence in the newsroom - Quin Murray
  • How to build innovation in your media organization - Corey Ford
  • Professional development in the newsroom: how do you help people learn new skills when everyone is too damn busy? - Rodney Gibbs
  • Speakers

    Becca Aaronson Davis

    Corey Ford

    Dan Ratner

    Eve Pearlman

    Judy King

    Meena Thiruvengadam

    Quin Murray

    Robby Deming

    Sarah Whitmire

    Sari Zeidler

    Stephanie Yiu

    Vivian Schiller

    Rodney Gibbs