[MIDWAY] Remixing Content: Refining Your Workflow to Make Your Work Flow

This panel will discuss ways to make workflows meet your newsroom’s distribution needs without bloating them. We are industry experts who work to simplify and iterate on process so publishers can push content out to users quickly and accurately. We will discuss industry examples and best practices to help you define your optimal workflow for content distribution.

This session is designed for:

  • Editors looking to refresh their content management workflows to prioritize what their newsrooms need most.
  • Journalists trying to organize content syndication across multiple channels and platforms, keeping SEO, metrics, and revenue in mind.
  • Technologists managing tools for everything from breaking news to longform series to daily stories to editorial calendars.


Alex Hicks
Lead Solutions Strategist, Four Kitchens

Nasr ul Hadi
Knight Fellow — India, Int'l Center for Journalists, PROTO
@nasrhadiVisit Website

Ryan Sholin
Director of Business Development, WordPress.com VIP
@ryansholinVisit Website

Eric Carvin
Social Media Editor, The Associated Press


Angela Pacienza
Head of Experience, The Globe and Mail
@angelapacienzaVisit Website

Session Audio