[MIDWAY] Take a Deep Dive into Video Programming: Building Credibility, Understanding AI, + Exploring New Tools

  • Thursday – 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM
  • 301+302
  • #ONA18MW

Video is the dominant media form for the next generation of information audiences. Getting credible video in front of the right audience when they need it is the preeminent challenge for newsrooms around the world today. Doing that is the tricky part. In this session we’ll use small group discussions to workshop ideas around ethical AI in recommendation engines as well as how to augment your intelligence with data-driven strategies to build loyal audiences. In addition, we’ll explore how to build transparency into “black boxes” and how to use the next generation of programming tools to create and distribute the most compelling video stories.

This session is designed for:

  • Anyone currently working on or interested in video who is looking to explore issues of editorial credibility and utilizing new technologies.
  • Newsrooms looking to have a better understanding of taxonomy as it relates to recommendation algorithms and analytical insights.
  • Newsrooms of all sizes concerned they can’t improve their current video strategy because of their budget and programming limitations.


  • Imaeyen Ibanga | Senior Producer | AJ+ | @iiwrites
  • Imaeyen Ibanga is a senior producer and presenter with AJ+. She manages a team that produces long-form videos focused on contextualizing domestic and international news. In February 2018, her team’s work expanded beyond its home on YouTube. They launched the show “Because Facts” on Facebook Watch to cover "the details that matter." Imaeyen is also a founding member of Advocates for Inclusion and is on the Online News Association’s board of directors and loves all things cats.


  • Rohan Castelino | Vice President, Marketing | IRIS.TV | @rohanccc
  • Rohan Castelino is Vice President of Marketing at IRIS.TV. Mr. Castelino has over 14 years of international experience working in the intersection of media and technology. He spent six years in Beijing and Shanghai where he helped develop and finance international film and television co-productions with China, Hollywood, and Europe. Prior to joining IRIS.TV, Rohan worked with major media companies such as Sony Pictures Entertainment, Paramount Pictures, and Illumination Entertainment.

  • Tessa Sproule | Co-Founder and CEO | Vubble | @tessasproule
  • Tessa Sproule is a digital innovator, visionary leader and change agent with an intense clarity of vision for the future and proven intuition for identifying opportunities in the unrelenting advance of disruptive technologies in the media space. For nearly two decades, Tessa worked within the CBC, Canada’s public broadcaster, leading legacy media's response through its dramatically shifting business. Now she takes a place at the front of the shift as the co-founder and CEO of Vubble, a media technology company that merges human curation with artificial intelligence in the assessment, marketing and distribution of online video.

  • Will Jamieson | CEO | Stream Live | @willjamieson93
  • Will Jamieson is the CEO of Stream Live Inc, a live video platform used by publishers around the world, in addition to professional sports teams and brands such as NASA.

  • Michael Shabun | Marketing Director - North America | Insta360

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