Meet the ONA18 Pitch Showcase Finalists

  • Friday – 1:30 PM – 2:30 PM
  • Lone Star D
  • #ONA18

Our Pitch Showcase Finalists will be hanging out in the ONA18’s dedicated meet-up spot in the back of the Midway area, Lone Star D, on the 3rd floor, during the lunch break on Friday, September 14.

Come say “Hi” and meet the finalists!

  • Alex Eggerking: Make America Make Sense Again
  • Thomas Seymat: Sandox360 hopes to help storytellers and advertisers alike make immersive journalism more engaging and more sustainable by providing content creators with a tool to easily gather audience research on immersive 360/VR content
  • Justin Arenstein: We propose to set up a “test tube journalism” hub in Nairobi to match African journalists with scientists and technologists who can help them investigate the quality of everything from air and water to food and medicines across the continent


Alex Eggerking - Producer and Media Consultant,
alexeggerking |

Thomas Seymat - Consultant, Reynolds Journalism Institute
tseymat |

Eva Scazzero - Product Manager, Quartz
@evascaz |

Justin Arenstein - Knight Fellow, ICFJ
@justinarenstein |