Self-Care for Digital Journalists

Margaret Schneider is co-organizer of ONA St. Louis and director of editorial projects at Alley. Wondering how to stay sane during stressful coverage situations? We’ll share our takeaways from journalists and guest speakers alike at the past two years’ ONA St. Louis sessions on mental health and self-care for journalists. We’ll touch on topics including […]

WeathAR app developing to immerse users in weather & climate forecast data to improve planning, action, and data comprehension

Meteorologist-journalist ran smiling from ONA’s July J360 conference, hired AR developer for immersive app prototype and has tips and follow-ups to share Perhaps the only meteorologist at this conference, this can be a conversation not only about a J360-inspired immersive AR app but lessons learned since the July conference. Our world–its weather and its climate–by […]

Solutions to online harassment: What we can *actually* ask from Twitter

CEO & Founder of OnlineSOS – supporting targeted journalists This talk will be about the critical, less publicized steps of how to escalate cases of Twitter-based harassment. It will also cover the concrete policies, actions, and experiments we in the media can advocate for from Twitter to curb the types of abuse most concerning to […]

WANTED: Journalists ready to actively earn audience trust

Joy Mayer and Lynn have worked with 53 newsrooms as part of the Trusting News project and can’t wait to share what they’re learning. Don’t think of distrust as a big-picture industry problem. Think of it as something YOU can address now by making trust-building part of your day-to-day routine. What are the complaints you […]

Vaccinating against misinfodemics — a workshop for public health and journalism

An Xiao Mina is co-founder of the Credibility Coalition and co-chair of the W3C Credible Web Community Group, where they are building web-wide standards for content credibility through rigorous research. The goal of this workshop is to address the difficulties faced by media producers and journalists trying to communicate findings from new health research, and […]

How to fight back when Facebook and Google beat you on your home turf

Nils Borhaug has been part of the Norwegian media landscape for 20 years, always focusing on digital and mobile Norwegian newspapers took back ownership of grassroots content by exploiting social media in ways that turned both the local community and the newspaper into winners. What can US newspaper learn from their success? Grassroots news touches […]

“Wikifying” News to Provide Stronger Context to Readers

Hersh is the Founder of Hindsight a media AI startup creating solutions to improve context in news It is impossible for a journalist to create an article that provides enough context for all readers since every reader has a different understanding of a topic. On the other hand, the Wikipedia community does a fantastic job […]

Keeping up with today’s fast-paced Storytelling

Vizrt creates the worldwide market leading storytelling tools used by the digital media industry. Attracting and keeping an engaged audience is an ongoing challenge for publishers today. The emergence of new digital storytelling formats adds another layer in the quest to produce timely and engaging stories – while maintaining quality. The demands of these new […]

Busting news SEO myths, from AMP to the dreaded Google News keywords

Tobias Fellner-Jost is the founder of the Trisolute News Dashboard and has extensive experience in news SEO; Chelsey Heath is the News Dashboard’s news SEO strategist and honed her skills in a digital newsroom. By popular demand from ONA 2017 (seriously, our Unconference audience asked for this panel!), we’ll look at 10 common SEO myths […]

Scripting!! How A Pinch of Programming Can Save a Pile of Time

Deputy editor, Defense One. Helped launch Coded @DoDContractsBot To me, “scripts” are “tiny robot servants I can make without really programming.” (To my editor, they are “dark magic.”) With a script and a single keystroke, I can: * Search many image sites at once. * Fill out and send my site’s contributor agreements. * […]