How to connect with ONA Local at ONA18

Did you know that ONA community members hosted more than 180 meetups around the world in 2017? That’s about a gathering every other day, on average, where digital journalism professionals got together to share ideas and inspiration, network and discuss trends in their newsrooms and the industry last year.

We often hear from ONA conference attendees that they want to bring home the camaraderie they’ve experienced and gather more regularly with other local digital journalists year-round. ONA Local is the community that connects you with your digital journalism neighbors when you get back home, and each group is run by volunteers who are working in the industry. We rely on people like you to organize gatherings, listen to the community and act as the local representatives for the ONA family.

Excited to find out how you can help start or support an ONA Local group? Here’s where you can get the scoop in Austin:

How to organize an ONA Local group

Learn how to volunteer with your existing ONA Local group or start a new one; join us for ONA Local Office Hours Saturday, Sept. 15 at 11:30 a.m. on the 5th floor in room 502. We’ll have information on what’s involved in leadership, applications for new groups and current group organizers who will be on hand to share tips and help you brainstorm.

Find your neighbors at ONA18

Several ONA Local groups are planning to host meetups for members of their local communities throughout the conference. We’ll compile those meetups as we hear about them, but you can also find your group now and join them on Facebook or Meetup to be the first to hear about it.

Keep the inspiration going

Some ONA Local groups host recap events after the conference to debrief on key takeaways, review their favorite sessions and share what they learned. This is a great time to get to know your local ONA community, if you aren’t already connected with them. Make sure to find them now and join their Meetup or Facebook group so you’re notified about any recaps near you.

Want to help organize, sponsor or host a meetup at ONA18 or a recap meetup after the conference? Find the organizers on Meetup or via email, or send us a note at if you need an introduction.

Meghan Murphy is Senior Manager, Communities & Local Journalism Initiatives at ONA. Meghan is a community builder with a passion for media. She is responsible for building a holistic community and member engagement strategy at ONA year-round, and leading ONA’s initiatives to support local journalism through networks and training.