Building a wall is stupid. Making people want access is smart.

The most misleading words in the debate of paywalls are probably “pay” and “wall” and the debate would be more constructive if we focused on terms like “value” and “access” .

Sweden’s Dagens Nyheter is one of the leading dailies in the world in terms of digital subscription growth and in terms of building a sustainable business model based on digital loyalty. This has been made possible by fundamental changes in the company: in how we’re organized, in how we work cross-functionally in the entire organisation, in the kind of journalism we focus on and in how we have introduced new metrics and visualizations of reader data for everyone in the newsroom. (Read more: ).
Our experiences could be part of a discussion on digital subscriptions and paywalls: the effects they have on the newsroom, journalism and society.

Suggested Speaker(s)

  • Martin Jönsson (@dagensnyhetermj)
    Head of Editorial Development, Dagens Nyheter