Yustina Saleh

  • SVP, Analytics
  • Emsi/CUNY

Dr. Yustina Saleh is the senior vice president of analytics at Emsi, with 18 years of experience driving enterprise-wide transformation through a combination of leadership skills, advanced analytical techniques, and a high entrepreneurial drive. She is antagonistic to all one-size-fits-all solutions, and is able to use advanced statistical and machine learning techniques to find critical sub-segments in thought-to-be homogeneous personas. As the former director of labor market and workforce analytics for the State of New Jersey and the director of analytics and strategic research for Burning Glass, Yustina puts the "real-time" in job-demand forecasting. Her specialties include predictive modeling, statistical learning, attribution modeling, text analytics, and dashboard development. She received her doctorate of philosophy in political science from Rutgers University in 2010.

Website: http://www.economicmodeling.com/