[RSVP] J-School Supplemental: FOI Requests

Regardless of where you went to school and when, we all have gaps in our formal education. In a fast-changing digital media world, those blind spots can be real disservice. This innovative, new-for-ONA18 series supplements what you did learn and fills in the blanks on what you didn’t.

This session will take a classroom approach to Freedom of Information request issues, providing attendees with tools, tactics and techniques for making requests and resolving disputes.

Please note: this session has limited capacity and requires an RSVP to attend. RSVPs closed 48 hours in advance. A full-conference ONA18 badge is required for entry.

This session is designed for:

  • Newsrooms seeking a better, more comprehensive FOI request / follow-up process
  • Journalists interested in adding an increasingly valuable skill and knowledge set
  • Anyone who’d like to know more about Freedom of Information structures and access