Informal Focus Group: How Can We Improve Our Conference?

At our annual conference, ONA has three main goals:

  • Offer a positive learning environment to tackle some of the biggest challenges in journalism
  • Help people connect to others who might share their interests, help solve problems or support them in their careers
  • Recognizing and highlighting quality digital journalism — and the people who create it — in a fun and professional environment
  • We have a strong commitment to testing new ideas and concepts at each conference. Some of those will work, some won’t.

    During this participatory discussion, an external consultant will provide prompts for constructive conversation and feedback on how we can improve our annual event and achieve our goals for all participants.

    This session is designed for:

  • We all want to move the needle on something in journalism; let’s talk about strategies for getting that done
  • Anyone who would like to discuss improving our (as in, collective, all-encompassing “our”) event!

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