The "Digital People": Creating Your Own Culture in a Large Media Organization [Sponsored]

  • Friday – 3:30 PM – 4:30 PM
  • Lone Star B
  • #ONA18

The digital newsrooms at TV and radio stations, newspapers and magazines often operate as independent divisions with invisible strings to their legacy broadcast or print counterparts. So, can they ‘fit in’ without conforming to corporate culture? How can they maintain their own cultural digital identity? These panelists work at different kinds of publishers but all in the digital newsroom. Learn from them about how they’ve created a culture all their own and are still able to work well with their legacy peers.


Ted Anthony - Director of Digital Innovation, Associated Press
@anthonyted |

Stephanie Adrouny - News Director, NBC Bay Area
@stephsf |

Nadine Ajaka - Senior Producer, Video Platforms, The Washington Post
@nadineajaka |

Polly Irungu - Digital Content Editor, The Takeaway, WNYC
@pollyirungu |


Julie Shapiro - Enterprise Editor, NBC News Digital

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