Meet the innovators participating in the Midway

I am counting down to ONA18 in Austin — not just for the significant number of breakfast tacos I plan to eat every day, but also for the incredible organizations we get to introduce you to in the Midway!

Dramatic forecast of my future.
What’s the Midway, you ask?

There are two aspects to the Midway. The exhibit space is where you will find each of our 30+ Midway groups showcasing their products and services. It’s an opportunity for you to learn about emerging technologies, experience demos and get trained on practical tools to help redefine and amplify your work. The programming aspect features a series of curated panels and deep dives about topics that are important to the ONA community. Sessions take place throughout the three days of ONA18 and highlight Midway participants in their areas of expertise. These sessions are explicitly not advertorials, but rather moderated opportunities to hear from and interact with experts in their fields.

And now for the drumroll — please welcome the groups joining us in the ONA18 Midway!

I’m thrilled to work with these groups to produce a Midway experience that’s both productive and fun for ONA18 attendees. Stay tuned for details about the programming in the coming weeks!