From freelance digital journalist to Denver private investigator blogger –

When I began writing the Denver Private Investigator blog it was a small month freelance job that required me to cover the changing Colorado licensing regulations for private investigators.

Four years later, The Denver Private Investigator blog ranks 4th in the country for private investigator blogs and I give training seminars and am hired for content marketing work throughout the private investigator, legal support and security industry.

I would to give an ONA18 presentation and workshop about how I keep my primary employer –the largest private investigator firm in the Rocky Mountain region– busy and on the 1st page of the Google search without compromising journalistic ethics.

I have given two training seminars to PI’s using ONA and SPJ’s journalistic ethics and comparing them to ethics for PIs.

You can view the blog here:

My work for Pursuit Mag is available here:

You can view one of my training seminars here (geared towards private investigators –the one I propose to do at ONA18 is for journalists, obvi)

Suggested Speaker(s)

  • Susanna Speier (@susannaspeier)
    Freelance Journalist and Content Director for the Denver Private Investigator Blog, Digital journalist