Midway FAQ

What’s the difference between the Midway and the Exhibit Hall?

The Midway is an interactive space in which ONA attendees can engage directly with featured tools and products at booths. The Midway is meant to feature spotlight emerging technologies, create opportunities for collaboration, and be hands-on.

The Exhibit Hall offers the opportunity for sponsors at larger booths to showcase their work, recruit new employees, answer client questions and more.

The primary difference between the Midway and the Exhibit Hall is the Midway’s emphasis on interactivity.

What are examples of interactive booths in the Midway?

Successful examples of previous Midway booths have included VR — both new VR films and playing with the tools used to create VR and 360 experiences — hands-on trainings for new tools, trying out drones and building arduino kits.

Does this mean booths can’t be interactive in the Exhibit Hall?

Booths in the Exhibit Hall are absolutely welcome to be interactive! Allowing attendees to be more hands-on rather than just presenting static information is always a better exhibiting/tabling approach.

I am not sure whether my company belongs in the Midway or the Exhibit Hall. How should I proceed?

Please contact jessica@journalists.org. We are happy to schedule a conversation with you to figure out what makes the most sense for you.

Will the Midway have opportunities to present publicly as in the past with the Bullring?

Beginning at ONA17, the Midway did away with the previous Bullring and instead began hosting thematic panel discussions highlighting Midway participants in the areas of expertise. These discussions are not pitch sessions but rather robust conversations fully integrated into the full conference program, about topics relevant to ONA attendees. In that first year of hosting the Midway panels, it was standing-room-only crowds for many of these sessions, and have secured larger rooms for ONA18 to host this programming. The number of Midway panel discussions at ONA18 will be dependent on the themes that emerge from Midway participants.

Is there a Start-Up Alley this year?

Yes! The Start-Up Alley continues to be a feature of the Midway, though we’ve made a few changes. The Start-Up spaces continue to emphasize new and emerging companies and concepts. We understand that some new companies cannot afford to send more than one person to ONA and need to make the most of their time at the conference — on and off the floor. In 2018, we ask that Start-Ups commit to a single day at their Midway booth: either Thursday, Sept. 13, or Friday, Sept. 14. On the morning of Saturday, Sept. 15, ONA will host a panel that highlights all 10 Start-Up Alley participants.

How many people are you expecting to attend ONA18?

We anticipate 2,700 attendees in Austin.

What are the price points for the different types of spaces in the Midway and the Exhibit Hall?

Please see here for more information about packages and sponsorship opportunities.

Who do I contact with more questions?

Please contact midway@journalists.org with any questions. We are happy to schedule a time to chat if that would be helpful.